Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Body in Toronto

for the locals

The Body are playing tonight (sunday may 15th) at Parts and Labour with some other bands of little interest to me and probably most readers of this blog

go see them, not sure how well promoted the show is; their LP All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood was one of my favourites of last year


Ryan Page said...

I just looked up there tour and realized I missed them playing close by a few days ago. I think they'd be great live.

Absurd Exposition said...

someone said they're a lot better live than on record, and the record was a favourite of mine from last year, too, even though I've only listened to it a couple times.

Absurd Exposition said...

how was it?

Mihnea said...

How was the show?
I rode over in the rain to Parts & Labour for the 5pm doors as per the P&L website only to be told that the Body show was pushed back & they wouldn't be on stage until about 11.

Survivalist said...

The Body were excellent, the show was not great though. Typical nowadays Parkdale moustache, cocaine and ugly clothes crowd that clearly don't like any music.

A flamethrower would have been a good accesory for that particular show

Halifax Collect said...

Wish I had known about this. I do not know of anything. Is there a source with listings of shows that pertain to the underground/extreme other than "knowing the people in the scene," because I don't.
My band played with The Body years ago in Boston. They were great. Would not have wanted to miss this based on that but reading that it started much later than planned it doesn't feel like as big of a loss. The few d.i.y. shows I've gone to usually start hours after the announced schedule. It makes me not want to go to shows.

Survivalist said...

there's a certain section of the DIY scene here habitually turn up ridiculously late for shows and it's always been the case as long as i've lived here. Some shows are just dead before midnight then everyone descends en masse.

Mostly i find out about shows because people tell me they're happening; the world of facebook and messageboard show announcements mostly pass me by, but i'm sure Mark Pesci has a facebook page announcing shows.

Menace Ruine are playing Hard Luck bar this saturday night