Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clean House

My favourite new (ie they've existed less than two years and i've heard of them) local band made a video.

Bandcamp here for free downloads and all that malarky.

This song was recorded when Godstopper was still a one man operation, now they're a full band and playing live.

Some posts about new releases, both musical and written in nature coming later this week.

Probably a post about this photo in a month or two:


Neil Strauss - Everyone Loves you when you're Dead
Joe R Lansdale - Complete Drive-in
Benedict Anderson - Imagined Communities
(the unfortunately named) Michael Jackson - At Home in the World
Dodgem Logic #7
Dead World Omnibus
Valdimir Nabakov - Invitation to a Beheading


Venture Brothers Seaon 4
Sons of Anrchy Season 1
I Saw the Devil
My Soul to Take (was expecting to hate this and it reeks of studio inteference, but there's suprisingly something very watchable about it)


Whitehouse - Bird Seed
IRM - Four Studies for a Crucifixion
Hexvessel - Dawnbearer (probably contender for my favourite record of the year already)
Despise You/ ANb
Rot in Hell - As Pearls Before Swine
Socially Retarded/ Daisycutter
Vegas - Never to Wake
Moutheater - Colonial
Blut Aus Nord - 777
Ke/Hil - Hellstation
Suffer - Lone
Drainland - unreleased splits w/ Cellgraft and Trenches
Head Hits Concrete - unreleased split w/ Mudlark
Fudgetunnel - Sweet Sounds of Excess
Nekrasov - demos for next LP

Yes, i've had a week of ignoring all commitments other than feeding myself and the animals to indulge in all of the above.


WillH said...

Nothing like a full week of media immersion.

I would NOT have pegged Cellgraft as the kind of band that would do a split with Drainland, or vice versa. Shows how much I know.

How do you like that ANB/DY split?

Also, the Blut Aus Nord record is probably my favorite of the year already. I mean jesus

Survivalist said...

i like the ANb/ DY split

i understand some of the download generation aren't that keen on it. This doesn't detract from my enjoyment

Survivalist said...

and yeah, the new But Aus Nord is exceptionally good

WillH said...

I didn't like the split at first because I thought the DY side sounded too clean and the ANb side sounded too thrown together. Now I listen to it more than I listen to most music.

I was gonna type some more about this but I just heard osama bin laden died

Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on krallice? they have a new record "diotima" I don't figure it's your sort of style but i figured id ask

Survivalist said...

I haven't really followed them. I wasn't keen on the first one.

Are any of their releases particularly worth hearing?

Anonymous said...

i would say the newest record "diotima" is worth hearing aside from the songs being a bit lengthy and derivative

Anonymous said...

I really liked Suffer - Lone and the DY side of that split. Not much of an ANb fan (except for PCP Torpedo).

Anonymous said...

yo,when should the pht/eb split come out?did the second test presses arived,hows the situation?

Survivalist said...

sometime over the summer is pretty much all i know but i'm living under a rock just now