Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blockade/ Pig Heart Transplant

Blockade/ PHT split 7" out now on SuperFi records. SuperFi released our first piece of vinyl and it's only fitting that he's releasing our last.

I'm told that these are the places you can get it from in North America:

Warm Bath
Rescued From Life
Iron Lung
Give Praise
Feeble Minds
Vinyl Rites
Feral Ward
To Live A Lie
Katorga Works
Anthems Of The Undesirable

google that shit.

Locals can find this at Hits and Misses in about an hour and potentially at Not Dead Yet fest, though they may not last that long.

500 pressed and they look fantastic, Feeding did the artwork and someone i don't know - i'm sure they're lovely and kind to animals - in the UK screened them. Six panels of meat baby action.

These represent the final two Blockade tracks ever written and other than alternate versions of previously recorded material that's coming out on cassette later this month this is the official last rites of that part of my life.

Both songs deal with loss, one being a desire for escape from the cultural noise of the world; an embracement of a deliberate loss of social connection. The other is a scream into the void over the death of my seventeen year old cousin Alasdair. RIP wee man.


Absurd Exposition said...

Looking forward to getting mine in the mail. I thought it was 2007 material, so reading that it's new stuff was a pleasant surprise.

Survivalist said...

new just means unreleased up until this point. It was recorded at the same time as the UT split (2009) and Qabalistic Zero was something we finished our set with at every show in 2010

Anonymous said...

where can I find a column of heaven t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

also how is that new sutekh hexen lp? I figured they were another hipster black metal outfit like wolves in the throne room so i never bothered to give them a listen

Survivalist said...

Column of Heaven shirts will be available at our shows, starting next week, haven't looked into having anyone else make and sell them yet.

I enjoyed the Sutekh Hexen LP, don't really know anything about them so i can't vouch for the degree of truth or falsehood contained in their existence.

more of a noise record and unlikely to appeal too much to the indie rocker dilettantes

isn't this exactly what downloading is for?