Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this weekend

just a reminder:

Column of Heaven will be playing on saturday, sometime around 8 i think, thrill to our new line up of King, Kristiansen, Nolan and Simpson AKA now more ex-Slaughter Strike than ex-Endless Blockade. Owl Eyes are before us, their demo is great, they have a new 7" for this weekend, you should buy one or at least google search the interweb for a download of their demo.

The final Blockade release in the form of the piss raw tape i've been talking about for ever will be available at the show, 100 copies, with leftovers going to Absurd Expostion and 20 Buck Spin for mail order.

There'll also be Column of Heaven shirts with art by the lovely Sin-Eater, you can either buy one at the show or wait until we play your small Romanian fishing village on whatever ill-advised tour i talk myself into doing next year. As ever i must remind you, if you paypal me money for a shirt i'll just go and spend it on Mexican food and you'll never get your shirt, so let's just save all of us a headache.

I will gladly take your money off you if you're attending the thursday night show at Poor Alex Theatre as i will be doing the door and having a rubbish old man mosh later on to Double Negative.

Anytime a band plays a Siege cover this weekend i will be drinking a shot, feel free to join me.


Anonymous said...

100 copies at a festival, FUUUUUUUUU

Survivalist said...

grad school lifestyles kicking the shit out of my funds to make more

in TO we're probably yesterdays news so maybe i'll be stuck with 93 copies at the end of the night

Anonymous said...

Damn sucks, can relate.

I can only hope you're yesterdays news for my sake but of course not for yours.

Sad too see this is the last release.

Ryan Page said...

The shirt looks amazing. I wish I could go, but grad-school also hasn't put my finances in an amazing enough place that I could fly out or something like that (a plus side of the huge pile of debt is that I now know how to make contact mikes a cables excessively cheaply... I'm sure that will pay me back).

Strangely the Bay Area doesn't seem to have a lot of shows I'd like to see... Maybe that whole "there's going to be a period where bands don't tour" thing you mentioned on the crustcast a while back is finally starting.

Anyway, I hope the show goes well, but maybe just slightly shy of so well of the point where there would be no shirts or blockade cassettes to be purchased online.