Monday, July 30, 2012

between now and 2013

These are the only musical things i am doing between now and next year:


Column of Heaven, Purity Control, Farang, Spearhead, September 7th at 460 Spadina, Toronto

Column of Heaven, Magrudergrind, Iron Lung and others, Saturday, November 10th at Hard Luck, Toronto

Pick Your Side European tour October 12th-21st

If The Process manage to make it to this part of the world in late October Column of Heaven will be playing with them in Toronto and Montreal

Releases on Survivalist:

The Rita - new C20
Column of Heaven - Demonology CS

There might be a Colonizer tape as well, but that might not happen until next year.

Some books i've enjoyed lately:

Zack Furness (ed) - Punkademics: the basement show in the ivory tower

Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay (eds) -White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race

Clifford A. Pickover - Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence

Jack London - Iron Heel


Dan said...

Is that Toronto show part of Not Dead Yet?

Pure said...

Will the European Tour include the UK?

Survivalist said...

@dan, yup

@pure, doesn't look like it. I have no say in that band, I'm just playing bass for some shows

Jay Sidetracked said...

What is the Demonology tape? New tracks? Also, bummed I missed you guys when you came over for Fastcore Fest. I found out about those shows too late and already had prior engagements.

matt said...

i'm incredibly sad that you guys aren't making it down to east coast USA this year.

also i really hope i don't have to check analog worship 5x a day for a month straight for the demonology cassette like i did for mission from god (even though i will do it anyway).

Anonymous said...

someone i have on fb,got a coh tattoo