Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a word on downloads

I can't stop them, i'm not really going to try, but here's my request as an artist: If it's on the bandcamp page, please don't upload it to your blog; people can get it for free from there.

If the free downloads run out then people are just going to have to wait the 1-30 days until the free credits come back. Waiting a few days for a free digital version of a grindcore record won't kill anyone or ruin anyone's day.

If it means less people are exposed to my music i'm ok with that.

If you're going to ignore me completely, then there's not really a whole lot i can do about it; issuing cyber death threats has never really been my thing.

But, if you really are going to upload it anyway, say something about it, put it into some kind of context, good or bad i don't really care.

More than just a picture of a wolf in a heptagram with "ex-The Endless Blockade" and a download link please.

That's it.

(This doesn't apply to anything before Mission from God went up, Slaughter Strike and Ecstatically Embracing... are fair game)


†HAXAN† said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I am planning to post it on my blog soon.