Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New York's Alright...

On a recent stay in New York a planned musical get together with Tim Wyskida and Jay Newman didn't manage to occur (maybe another time in the near future...)

I did however throw down a small amount of additional noise on fellow Manson/ Crowley/ Erikson enthusiasts Unearthly Trance's re-recording of their song VVVV

find it here for a free download

On a related note The Endless Blockade have almost finished writing the 11 songs that will make up our half of the Unearthly Trance/ Blockade split LP due out on Chrome Peeler/ Humanless sometime early next year.

And on another related note there's a Joshua Norton Cabal/ Abandoner collaboration in the works, Abandoner sent me some material and as soon as i get my amp fixed i'll start adding my take on the material.