Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slogun - Bloody Roots CD

holy mother of fuck, this is probably the best straight up angry record since West Side Horizons

i rarely get very excited about much music anymore. Sure, i still like a lot of music, but i don't find much that i would call significant. Slogun however is a project i always have time for and follow what he's doing with great interest. As i've said before, Slogun and Crossed Out are almost exactly the same to me.

i still need to convince John to do a Slogun/ Blockade show in Toronto sometime

a Slogun cover will be on the Blockade/ Unearthly Trance split LP that we're currently in the end stages of writing


ND said...

thanks for the "bloody roots" recommendation!! just ordered it this morning. i enjoy reading the blog and checking the sound and print out that you've put down in your playlist. looking forwward to the ut/teb split.
hope things are going well