Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Semen in the Eye Socket of Michael Bryant

I promise not to do another post like this until Thatcher dies.

As much as i dislike modern society's seeming reliance on Schadenfreud as the only acceptable way to voice elation i can't help but smile for Michael Bryant's messy fall from grace that is doubtlessly only just beginning.

Michael Bryant, the most detestable politician since Margaret Thatcher (and it's not just the Bill 132 thing) .

Well, karma is a bitch Bryant, i hope your conscience eats you up for years.

The Mekon smirks at Michael Bryant's pain.

My condolencies to Darcy Sheppard


nickabe57 said...

A similar thing happened here in Tulsa, OK. Two cyclists were killed when an inebriated motorist seemingly veered INTO them, even though they were completely off the road. I work across a plaza from the courthouse and cyclists gather in solidarity during her court dates. Tensions have been rising between cyclists and motorists for a while here in Tulsa. It wouldnt be surprising if things boil over during a 200+ biannual critical mass this fall.

Survivalist said...

yeah, but this idiot is the former Attorney General of Ontario who had a draconian attempt at cracking down on street racing amongst many of the other stupid laws he tried (and sometimes managed) to implement.

And until this happened he was also a highly viable future Premier of Ontario.