Saturday, June 19, 2010

One from the vaults

Bastardizer was a short lived band i played in from (i think) 2003-2004. We probably only played six or seven shows before dissolving into nothing.

We managed to cough out a five song tape. The keen eyed among you will note that i clearly redrew the art for the film Le Notti Del Terrore for the cover.

I've uploaded all eight songs we managed to finish. I can't remember why the tape had three less than we actually recorded and i have absolutely zero recollection of what any of these songs are even called.

The Repulsion cover is obviously Slaughter of the Innocents (shame we never recorded our Autopsy or Celtic Frost covers) and the song that has a part lifted dirtectly from Motley Crue's Live Wire was called Thown to the Wolves. Other than that feel free to make them up.

We broke up because the band was pretty much evenly split between a faction that wanted to fit in with Tragedy and From Ashes Rise scene that was about to become huge and the other half (that i was firmly in) that wanted to sound like Dismember meets Discharge.

We had several posthumous offers to release this material on an LP. Some of the others seemed keen but i steadfastly refused to have any of this material be released in any form other than the original demo tape. I didn't feel the material was particularly essential; i wasn't all that enthused about the band in general to be honest and once i'd moved on i felt everyone should move on.

I can listen to this material now and i'm ok with it but for years i hated this stuff. Too frustrated that it didn't go more in the direction i was interested in following i guess.

After we broke up Dave concentrated on Rammer and now sings in Slaughter Strike. Ben and myself carried on with The Endless Blockade full time (both bands existed concurrently) and we both ended up in Slaughter Strike (though Ben has since left). Josh formed Dirty Black Summer and they put out at least two 7"s on Slasher Records. Prior to Bastardizer Keith played drums in Ire and The Black Hand. I don't believe he's played drums sinced we broke up, but he frequently tours as the pyrotechnician for underground old school thrash revivalists Metallica and some guy called Paul McCartney.

Anyway, download it here and if you don't like it i pretty much agree with you


Anonymous said...

can definitely hear the tragedy/far direction. not my cup of tea. i like tragedy, but to me everyone else just sounds like them. regardless if tragedy came first or not. they seem to have it pretty well under control and play it the best, for me at least.

track 4 got kind of interesting, though.

Ryan Page said...

I like the Burial Ground: Nights of Terror zombie as the cover. 80s Italian zombie films are the only kind I care to watch, at least lately...

I'll check out the demo in a bit. I don't have internet where I'm staying so, it might be a bit, before I can comment on it. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed the slaughter strike demo.

Ryan Page said...

I just listened, and it sounds pretty much exactly like I imagined from your description. Not bad, I can definitely can see why you'd want to move on, though.