Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Rita - Womankind

New release on Survivalist in celebration of Blockade bringing The Rita back to Toronto (and Montreal for the first time.)

Low end crunch and decay with ghostly formants fighting for recognition. The sound of a dying species yelling into the roar of the universe.

Due to the wonderful G20 i'm unable to get to my tape duplication place until after the world conference of worthless parasites leaves my city.

(I'm also assuming that some misguided soul isn't going to burn down random businesses on the southern part of Bathurst during the inevitable rioting that will occur.)

Thus this tape will be first available at the two Bastard Noise/ Blockade/ The Rita shows on july 2nd and 3rd. E mail (it's in my profile) after then for availability. Tapes are $5 plus postage (which is hideously expensive in Canada)


Andrew Aircraft said...

Just saw Bastard Noise last night. I didn't get back home until 6am. They were fucking great. The new album is so good. Those Rita/Blockade/BN shows are gonna be killer.