Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bastard Noise split out now

CD is definitely here LP is apparently out, try here.

I'll post more about it later.

In the meantime there's always this if you have six minutes to kill


HHH - Intellectual Punks
Daphne Oram - Oramics
Slugathor - Echoes From Beneath


Thomas Bernhardt - Frost
Jorge Luis Borges - Seven Nights


Christian said...

Easily the best news I've heard today! So, does the wax & CD differ in art/packaging? How 'bout those Blockade remixes? They on the wax too? Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!

Nice vid ... dug where it hit 'round 3:50 mins. Sounded like everyone there did too! What's that thing at the far end your picking up and shaking?

Mutus Liber said...

Torture wheel - gnar gnar. Slugathor disc owns!

Survivalist said...

the CD has remixes of Primitive by The Rita and Noah Creshevsky on the end (and two extra Bastard Noise tracks)

that's a metal box with a contact mic inside filled with nails and with a wheel on the top that can be moved against the uppper surface. Ryan Bloomer (speccy guy behind me) built it for me. I used a prototype at MDF last year and confused a few metal heads.

Survivalist said...

Christian said...

Cool, thanks for the info ... didn't even realize there were extra BN tracks ... just heard of the Blockade remixes ... So, any idea on the art work? Different for each the cd and 12"?

Yeah, that contact mic thing looks wild ... sounds wilder. Been checking on Traumatone stuff for awhile ... looks pretty awesome. Looking to build an arsenal of this kinda stuff ... got a start w/ a vintage Yamaha CS-10 ... a synth that can milk the uber ugly out. So Traumatone, Trogotronic obviously ... anything to say on some of the others that are building this stuff (ie. LastGasp, MASF, Death by Audio etc.)Any advice is greatly appreiciated.

Survivalist said...

Ben uses a small synth live through his amp, might be an audible disease one? not sure. I took a Little Boy Blue on tour one year and fucking love that thing. I have a few trog boxes but mostly use them to process other signals.

I'm pretty much stuck in contact mic'd metal, minimal pedal loops and filtering for most of the norton and windscale stuff.

Custom noise boxes are cool but lose their novelty pretty quickly; most of them are very similar and i prefer something i can use quickly and easily live with no deadspots (something the trogotronic stuff sometimes suffers from)

I'd recommend you find one awesome thing and figure it out as much as possible. Personally i still use the same Boss PS2 i've been using since 1996 for most of my stuff

Marcus said...

Boss Ps 2's and 3's sound great. But they're are really hard to obtain, though. I've been looking for one for quite some time...

And the new version, Ps 5.. It's just not as good.