Sunday, January 24, 2010

Noah Creshevsky Vs The Endless Blockade

First bonus track on the CD version of The Red List is a re-working of Primitive by composer Noah Creshevsky

Noah came to see us at ABC No Rio with Coffins, he spent a lot of time sleeping on a chair in the middle of the room whilst teenagers with ratty hair and patches wondered whose grandfather he was.

Trust a sixty five year old classical musician to have mosh pit ettiquette figured out instantly:

"this punk freak was doing beavis dueling hair duets with another guy, who was supposed to be the performer. at first i thought i was going to get hit and seriously mauled by the offstage freak, but then he ran into a girl first. that made it clear that i was sort of safe. i figured out how this act worked. when he bumped into me i would shove him into the middle. i guess that's how it goes. that was very good."

The old when going "crazy" push a girl over first, ignore anyone bigger or older than you thing. And as an aside none of us ever need to witness the "crazy" singer of some band or other pushing his friends about, if you're that disturbed just go and belt someone you've never seen before square in the jaw...

Anyway, i love Noah's track and i'm constantly hearing new aspects in it. Listening to it i can hear that he's written a piece of classical music and replaced the notes with tiny fragments of our songs.

Is this our answer to Metallica's daliances with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra?

Categorically, yes.

We're now taking applications for our in-band therapist.


Ryan Aircraft said...

I'm really glad you guys did this. I probably wouldn't have looked more into Creshevsky otherwise...