Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"it sounds like everything falling apart at the same time"

Thanks to everyone that made BC a blast, especially to our close friends in Mudlark, The Rita and Haggatha.

Getting to see The Rita play on a large stage through a huge PA on friday was perfect.

Victoria managed to prove to me that time doesn't exist and everything is happening all the time. Last time we were there Ben's guitar broke and this time the crowd broke it for him mid-set. Both times we've been there we got no sleep due to dance parties at the place we stayed at and Ron from Griefer was wearing his Vomir shirt both times. Maybe he only has one shirt though?

Because we're gentlemen we did not fight the teenagers drinking cough syrup all night that were bitching about getting punched in the head when we played.

These are the next shows we're playing this year:

Feb 27th at Roboto in Pittsburgh, partying like it's 2005 with Warzone Womyn, xbrainax and Tumour Feast

The dates with Hatred Surge are:

Mar 12th Austin
Mar 13th The Valley
Mar 14th Houston
Mar 15th Dallas
Mar 16th Oklahoma City
Mar 17th San Antonio

Sometime after that (March 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st) we're playing a 20 Buck Spin/ Profound Lore label showcase as part of SXSW. I hear the other bands on the bill are Liturgy, White Mice, Coffin Worm, Salome and some band that has a member of Cobalt in and sounds like Tom Waits (this may be a lie but i'm buying it for now)

July 2nd and 3rd we're playing with Bastard Noise in Montreal and Toronto.

After that who knows?

Most shows will be with our new and unimproved five piece line up; 25% more anxiety disorders, 50% less clarity.

The Bastard Noise split is out and probably leaked all over the place by now. I expect some less than favourable opinions about our CD bonus tracks from some quarters.

I'll post the as-promised unecessary information about the release before the end of the week.

And in other news the Slaughter Strike 12", At Lifes End will be out in April

Play list:

Drainland - advance material for various releases
The Rita - The Voyage of the Decima Mas
Nekrasov - Cognition of Splendid Oblivion
Piss Horn - advance tracks for Pinnacle of Spirituality 7"


Anonymous said...

i'm everywhere in that video. glad you guys came out for the visit!

Christian said...

five piece??? Huh? Where's this fifth fit? Who is this fifth?

Any idea on the venue for the Toronto Blockade/BN show? Damn, July ... thats' a long wait ...

erik said...

super stoked for the roboto show!