Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Rita Vs The Endless Blockade

The Second CD bonus track comes from Vancouvers The Rita (as seen in Rue Morgue magazine recently, the only regularly published magazine i read these days).

The Rita has been plugging away at his brand of obsessive, borderline motionless aesthetic for years now and over the last few years is finally starting to get some of the recognition he deserves.

Anyway, if Noah Creshevsky's track was a hyper kinetic reduction of Primitive then The Rita's track is the complete opposite.

The track Model Rebreather 49 is the sound of complete ego annihilation. There is almost NOTHING to grab onto here and most people aren't going to be interested in it at all. Use it as a meditation tool if nothing else i suppose.

God, i fucking love this track. A lot of harsh noise works best when you're close to the speakers so you can check the stereo seperation and lose yourself in the sound; i find this track works best if you play it super loud and go sit in another room.


BBBlood said...

Can't wait to hear this now.