Friday, January 8, 2010

new survivalist shit

tapes available next weekend when Blockade plays in BC and available to mailorder when we get back (e mail

Gack - Mask
Joshua Norton Cabal/ Nekrasov - Primordial Transmissions
Slaughter Strike - A Litany of Vileness (back in print again until april then i'm giving up on it)

hopefully before march:

Black Paintings
Masculinity - A Little Something for the Ladies
Pisshorn/ Windscale
The Endless Blockade vs Bloomer


Mutus Liber said...

Willing to ship to the states on Gack and the Nekrasov split?

Survivalist said...

i'm very gradually getting over my hatred of doing mail order. We'll see how long it lasts

You could wait until feb and buy them off me at the Roboto show Blockade's playing

David Cereghini said...

Is this brand new Piss Horn material Andy?

Looking forward to this, still very bitter about missing them back in December. Oh well, the other two times were amazing....

Good to see that Windscale find a home.

You will play in a foreign country but you wont play London, which is quite understandable.

Anonymous said...

will that be a tape release for the blockade?

Mutus Liber said...

I can patiently await that moment! Excited for round two.

Andres Wade said...

what is that blockade tape? remixes and such?

Survivalist said...

it's a tape, it's extremely crude.

What 2010 mid-west myspace power violence is to crossed out this tape is to SOB Kaidan

Andres Wade said...

no shit? sounds harsh

Anonymous said...

planning on driving up from seattle for the blockade show but cant find much info, where exactly is the venue and what time does the show start? just 2 bands playing?

Survivalist said...

more accurate details on mudlark's myspace page no doubt

The Rita

possibly one other. I think the first band is on at 9

Anonymous said...

Will you be posting when the Pisshorn/ Windscale and The Endless Blockade vs Bloomer tapes are finished?

Survivalist said...

the pisshorn/ windscale tape won't be out before march, the blockade/ bloomer tape *might* be. I'd like to get them made in texas so i can sell them at the shows we're doing but it's proving less easy than having them made here.

plus i'm lazy/ busy with other stuff just now

Piss Horn - Pinnacle of Spirituality 7" will be released in spring though